WhatsApp will soon let you read voice messages on Android

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WhatsApp is preparing to introduce a useful new feature for Android users: voice message transcription. This functionality was discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta version by tipster AssembleDebug, who uncovered references to voice message transcripts within the app’s code.

According to the beta code, Android users will need to download approximately 150MB of additional app data to activate transcription. Once enabled, users will be able to read accurate text transcripts of received voice messages without listening to the audio.

Further details provided by WABetaInfo include a screenshot depicting the potential user interface for voice transcription. Their overview emphasizes how this technology can improve accessibility, facilitate message reading in noisy environments, and offer a text backup for lengthy voice notes.

One string of text confirms that WhatsApp utilizes the device’s speech recognition to generate end-to-end encrypted transcripts locally on the user’s phone, ensuring privacy.

This approach of utilizing on-device speech recognition instead of cloud-based processing aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy. It guarantees that voice transcripts remain encrypted and never leave the user’s phone.

Although an official release date has not been announced, the code findings indicate active development of voice transcription for WhatsApp on Android. This feature is expected to provide a convenient enhancement, particularly for users who frequently exchange voice messages on the platform.

Voice transcription was previously introduced for WhatsApp’s iOS app, and it appears that Android devices will soon receive this capability as well.


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