ServiceNow Propels GenAI And IT Operations With Its New Platform Release!

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In the last few years, the popularity and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has grown exponentially.

This has seen software developers and service providers rush to incorporate the technology into their offerings. It’s not just about bringing in such capabilities, it’s also about updating and deploying them across all functions, including IT operations, to enhance their effectiveness and output, while optimizing workflows and processes.

Keeping to this thought, ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company, made an announcement that’s set to benefit its customers and users with GenAI capabilities, intelligent workflow automation and other services.

So, what’s new with ServiceNow and how will it help its customers? Let’s explore!

What GenAI Features Did ServiceNow Announce?


  • Through a news release on its website, ServiceNow announced its first platform release of 2024 – the Now Platform Washington, D.C. release.
  • The purpose of the Now Platform’s new release is to boost intelligent automation, deliver fast time to value and build seamless experiences among businesses, customers and employees that increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • The innovations announced have been made available to all customers from March 20 through the ServiceNow Store.
  • This includes new features that enhance the Now Assist GenAI experiences, which offer responsible, intelligent automation embedded into the ServiceNow platform, which will be delivered through Now Assist for IT Operations Management (ITOM) AIOps, Now Assist in Virtual Agent enhancements and ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators.
  • These capabilities will allow businesses to orchestrate smarter experiences, enable faster deployment and scale generative AI across departments on a single platform.
  • As per the release, “Now Assist for ITOM AIOps supercharges ServiceNow’s market‑leading ITOM AIOps solution, applying generative AI to speed up issue resolution by analyzing alerts and providing critical context for operators.”
  • The platform’s Now Assist will see enhancements to its Virtual Agent Designer and Dynamic translator.

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