LinkedIn Expands B2B Reach with CTV Ads

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LinkedIn was the first company to use CTV advertisements, giving B2B marketers access to streaming platforms for increased brand awareness and interaction. Through partners like Samsung Ads, Paramount, and Roku, advertisers can easily include CTV in their LinkedIn campaigns, therefore expanding their reach.

According to a Demandbase survey, CTV is an essential channel for B2B companies because of its effectiveness in attracting clients. With the Premiere relationship with NBCUniversal, LinkedIn’s CTV offering broadens its range of video solutions to better serve its 1 billion-member audience.

Marketers use LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager to launch CTV programs. They define target groups and choose targets based on characteristics like interests, seniority, and size of the company. Because of the platform’s simple setup, marketers may create campaigns that are specifically targeted at English-speaking decision-makers in the United States and Canada.

LinkedIn’s CTV advertising relies heavily on measurement and analytics, with collaborations with Kantar and iSpot providing advanced audience measurement and objective lift studies. Through platform-neutral assessment, marketers can guarantee maximum return on investment and audience engagement.

LinkedIn has launched Live Event advertisements, which allow B2B marketers to advertise and increase registration for live virtual events worldwide, in addition to CTV advertisements. This product enables thorough interaction with potential customers at every stage of the event’s lifetime.

The variety of native reporting tools available in Campaign Manager from LinkedIn, such as the Performance Summary Report and Revenue Attribution Report, demonstrates the company’s dedication to achieving outcomes. With the use of this information, marketers may improve their plans and retarget customers to encourage further interaction.

B2B marketers have strong tools at their disposal to improve their campaigns, engage their target audience, and provide quantifiable results in the cutthroat digital world thanks to LinkedIn’s creative CTV advertisements and Live Event advertisements.

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