Innovaccer Establishes AI Advisory Board to Promote Artificial Intelligence Development

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Innovaccer Inc., a leading data platform company, has unveiled its AI Advisory Board, featuring prominent figures from the technology and healthcare sectors such as Rohini Kosoglu, Dheeraj Pandey, Mike Abbott, and Alex Gorelik. This new addition to its Strategic Advisory Board underscores Innovaccer’s dedication to innovation as it leverages AI’s potential in healthcare to help providers rediscover the joy of caregiving.

The AI Advisory Board will offer strategic guidance to Innovaccer’s leadership team and clients as the company crafts and implements AI-driven strategies. Focusing on technologies like conversational AI and generative pre-trained transformers, the board will ensure these efforts align with Innovaccer’s customers’ quintuple aim goals: improved health outcomes, health equity, reduced costs, and enhanced care experiences for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Alex Gorelik brings a wealth of experience in data lakes, Hadoop, and data integration, alongside expertise in data quality, distributed systems, and data governance. He emphasized the central role of data in developing advanced technologies and aims to democratize data while accelerating time to value. Gorelik is eager to contribute to Innovaccer’s mission of achieving data-driven health outcomes powered by AI technology.

Dheeraj Pandey, recognized for his influence in AI and technology, provides valuable insights into financial management and navigating the technology landscape. He believes AI, exemplified by innovations like ChatGPT, can infuse more humanism into customer and patient care. Pandey anticipates Innovaccer’s healthcare-tailored AI suite will lead the industry in enhancing patient experiences.

Mike Abbott, with extensive experience in cloud computing, storage, networking, and security, brings a wealth of knowledge from his roles at prominent tech companies. He is enthusiastic about joining Innovaccer’s AI advisory board to drive advancements in patient care through AI-enabled treatments.

Rohini Kosoglu, a seasoned national policy advisor, has played a pivotal role in shaping transformative changes in healthcare, technology, and economic policy. With her background in healthcare-focused venture capital and policy expertise, she is well-positioned to contribute to Innovaccer’s efforts in leveraging AI to advance patient care and improve health outcomes.

Abhinav Shashank, Innovaccer’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized AI’s crucial role in transforming the healthcare industry. He pledged significant investments in AI solutions tailored for healthcare, underscoring Innovaccer’s unwavering commitment to accuracy, privacy, security, and compliance in executing these initiatives.

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